Peace, space, flowering potato fields, historic farms, and the extensive mudflats form the beautiful Hoogeland.

From the Mudflats house, you overlook the village of Warffum, known for its open-air museum Het Hoogeland and the international folk dance festival "Op Roakeldais".

Near Warffum, the unique harbor town Noordpolderzijl is located, the smallest seaport in the Netherlands.

In the surroundings, you can enjoy cycling and walking, but also canoeing the Groninger Maren.

Within a radius of 20 km around Den Andel, you find the bird-rich Lauwersmeer National Park, the port for the crossing to Schiermonnikoog and the Wadden Sea.

Den Andel is located 4.6 km away from the seal rehabilitation centre in Pieterburen and the trail The Pieterpad.

Mudwalking belongs to the possibilities. The mudwalking organizations are located in Pieterburen.

The German East-Frisian island of Borkum is worth a visit. The boat to Borkum departs from Eemshaven.

In terms of gardens, ​​the province of Groningen offers many opportunities.

The Little Plantation (“de Kleine Plantage”) in Eenrum attracts many visitors from all over the country. They come for the dahlias, hostas and lovers days.

During a visit to the various Groninger borgen, you will discover the history of the province: The Menkemaborg in Uithuizen is an old mansion with a famous rose garden; there is also the fourteenth century mansion Verhildersum in Leens.

You can enjoy a high tea in Houwerzijl in the museum "The Tea Factory."

The many artists living in this area contribute to the special atmosphere too; they have often opened a gallery attached to their houses, where you can admire their work.

You will be in the center of Groningen in 20 minutes if you take the train from Baflo.

In the Mudflats house, you will find lots of information about the surrounding area and all activities.

Walking and cycling maps are available to you.

Renting bikes is possible. You can point out that you would like to do so in advance, so that we can ensure that the local bike shop has the bikes ready for you.